Tekpoet is an online manuscript services company for new and emerging poets. On the surface, it’s about getting a professional poet to read your work and provide feedback and the tools to get published. But really, it’s about relationships. Tekpoet is designed for poets who struggle to get their work read and need help with the complex publication process. It’s about opening doors, creating connections, and taking action.

At IMA, our mission is to make you irreplaceable to your customers. That sounds vague, but it’s actually very specific. Most marketing focuses on short-term sales. We, instead, emphasize the long view. IMA builds integrated communications strategies to engage, inform and inspire your customers — to help solve their problems and improve their lives. In doing so, your customers come to trust and rely on you … which means they don’t want to go anywhere else. In other words, you become irreplaceable.

Specializations: branding, campaign creation, and *truly* integrated digital marketing (i.e., SEO/SEM, social media + content marketing, and web/mobile development)

EitzenCreative is a print + digital graphic design firm in the Philadelphia region. We combine 30 years of experience with our strong desire to learn, change and grow. As a smaller firm, we are able to give every client individual attention and solutions that often exceed their expectations. We’re approachable, professional, and we work best on projects that demand a collaborative approach and a creative. Areas of expertise include advertising, branding, information architecture, video and animation in the financial, insurance, utilities and education sectors.

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